Conversion Coaches


The difference is evident in every vehicle we build, and speaks to more than eight decades of industry leadership.

Over the years, our inspiration and expertise have kept us on the cutting edge of design and technology. Our passion for creating The Ultimate Class begins at the design stage, extends through manufacturing, and culminates in our Prevost Parts and Service Centers.

Prevost manufactures integrated chassis and body structures. This provides the strongest, safest and most durable foundations in the industry.  Prevost conversion vehicles are the benchmark for structural integrity, durability, reliability, safety, environmental care, and driving pleasure.

We create vehicles to the specifications developed in collaboration with our converter partners and the end customer. Then our converter partners provide custom interiors, designed to meet the specific needs and desires of each individual client.

The result can be a private luxury motorhome; transportation in comfort and style for an entertainer, the artists and crew; a mobile marketing vehicle; a mobile clinic; a haven for corporate executive meetings, travel and entertainment; or political campaign transportation.

Whatever the end purpose, Prevost creates the ultimate in specialty vehicles.