For the Driver

For generations, professional drivers have celebrated Prevost coaches for their unmatched ease of drivability, precise and secure dynamic qualities, and superior ride characteristics. Prevost is, quite simply, the coach preferred by those who drive for a living.

Systems and features that make driving a Prevost uniquely enjoyable include:
Independent suspension system: Prevost’s independent suspension includes precisely-sized and tuned stabilizer bars on not only the front- but also the drive-axles. This design, engineered to complement the ZF Servocom® power steering, provides exceptional directional stability, confidence-inspiring road feel, and best-in-class handling precision.

World-class Volvo powertrain: Volvo’s D13 engine has an impressive track record for both impeccable reliability and remarkable durability. It has been proven over tens of millions of miles in heavy truck applications across the harshest conditions on earth. The D13’s Selective Catalytic Reduction technology has been recognized for years as one of the most effective emissions control systems in the industry. The Volvo D13 delivers impressive performance with excellent low-end torque, and is perfectly matched to the robust Allison and Volvo I-Shift transmissions. The result is greater driver control, seamless powertrain management, and superb drivability across a broad range of conditions.

Ergonomically friendly driver’s environment: The Prevost cockpit is a driver’s delight. Designed to benefit from the latest in biomechanical technology – as well as our 86 years of coach-building experience – the Prevost driver’s environment provides the kind of long-distance comfort and fatigue-free operation that makes an all-day journey a pleasure. Employing a sophisticated “multiplexed” architecture, Prevost moved frequently used controls from the dashboard to the steering wheel – affording the driver easier access to key functions such as cruise control, shifting, engine braking, horn actuation, and electric sun visor adjustment. A pneumatic steering column and ergonomically-angled steering wheel ensure that all gauges and indicators remain easily readable regardless of driver and steering-wheel position. The result is a driver’s environment designed to optimize intuitive operation, safety, and comfort.

Electronic Stability Program: The Prevost Electronic Stability Program (ESP) automatically compares the driver’s intentions with actual vehicle movement hundreds of times per second. ESP continuously monitors wheel speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration and yaw, and then – as needed – can apply individual wheel’s brakes instantaneously to help maintain vehicle control and reduce the risk of rollover. This remarkable safety advance also helps provide significantly improved stability in the event of evasive maneuvers, sudden lane changes, and obstacle avoidance.

Automatic troubleshooting and self-diagnosis: Prevost’s advanced diagnostic system allows your coach to continue to be operational in the unlikely event of a system malfunction. If a repair is required, this advanced multiplex diagnostic system is designed for ease of use, and to provide outstanding reliability and swift self-diagnosis. The system features clear and simple digital readouts directly on the instrument panel, so that the driver can quickly determine root-cause without the need to refer to manuals or code keys.

The unique Prevost “Plug & Play” concept means that a single application configures and updates all other modules and programs automatically. And the software is designed to be easily uploaded by the Prevost operator.