The Ultimate Class for Touring Entertainers

The Value of Excellence

With a Prevost entertainer conversion, tour managers can send their performers on the road in comfort, luxury and style, on their optimal schedules – a private mobile oasis with everything they need to make the trip relaxing, invigorating and productive. They will arrive rested, refreshed, and ready for another knock-’em-dead performance. No worries about them getting there, either, because Prevost specialty conversions are built to provide incomparable durability and reliability, and our service network is unsurpassed in the industry. For you and your performers, touring in a Prevost is an experience in excellence.

Built for Touring, the Way
You Want It

Traveling and living in a Prevost is luxuriously comfortable and relaxing because a Prevost entertainer motorhome is designed and built to perfectly suit the individual needs of touring entertainers. Everything is meticulously planned and executed to your specifications, like generous space, isolation from exterior noise, specialty equipment, optimal light and temperature control, plenty of storage and cargo space, and a strong, level platform. All this and more is built into a Prevost specialty conversion vehicle – the absolute best.

Good Life on the Road

Rest, relax, have fun, be creative, rehearse – it’s all possible in your Prevost conversion during trips between engagements. You travel in a luxurious space for living, with the comforts and convenience of home. Your entertainer conversion is designed and built with the amenities that allow you to make the best possible use of your time out of the spotlight – any combination of activities that is right for your lifestyle, and your personal and professional needs.

You can be accompanied by whomever and whatever makes the journey pleasurable and worthwhile. It can mean traveling alone, or with your family, friends, your group, or your staff and colleagues. The space versatility and careful attention to detail in designing and building a Prevost entertainer conversion makes it all possible.

Ultimate-Class Driving

Prevost motorcoaches are widely recognized by professionals for their outstanding vehicle dynamics, excellent drivability, and superior ergonomics for optimal comfort and user-friendliness. No wonder drivers love taking them on the road.

Their directional stability, handling, and quiet, ultra-smooth ride rival the feel of the world’s leading luxury automobiles. The Volvo engine’s quick response with a fully automatic transmission lets drivers maneuver with precision on winding roads, and negotiate tight spots with ease.

Quality and Safety

Design and manufacturing expertise result in quality that ensures miles of worry-free enjoyment and low overall ownership cost. Prevost entertainer conversions are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial applications. They combine the lasting performance of integral chassis/body construction with heavy-duty components to ensure optimal safety, durability and longevity.

Prevost is an industry leader in safety innovation and adoption. Our advanced systems include the Prevost electronic stability program – ESP – and Prevost AWARE Adaptive Cruise Braking.

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