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Parts Ordering: Convenient and fast – anytime of the day or night

The Prevost Online Parts Ordering process is the most advanced and customer-focused system in the motorcoach world. As a cornerstone of the legendary Prevost Parts and Service Network, we have the capabilities, the reach, and depth of technical knowledge to make parts identification, placement of orders, and order shipping and tracking convenient and easy.

Same-day shipping
We offer same-day shipping of stock parts anywhere in the United States and Canada for orders received before 2 p.m.

Prevost offers 24/7 emergency parts ordering and shipping and 24/7 online parts ordering with a special discount. Prevost Parts exclusive computerized parts catalog provides immediate access to all coach assemblies, subassemblies, and components. The catalog can “explode” any aspect/component of the coach. The system includes all coaches dating back to the 1980 model year – down to the “nuts and bolts."

Prevost Parts and Service Centers use RF barcode technology for quick shipment of parts and, with the exception of normal wear items, all parts supplied and installed in a Prevost Parts and Service Center carry a one-year warranty.

In support of the Motorcoach Council’s work in educating potential riders across North America of the benefits of motorcoach travel, Prevost is partnering with their council partner customers to donate up to $50,000 in the coming year. Prevost has given their council partner customers a voluntary program that contributes 0.5% of their parts purchases to the Motorcoach Council and Prevost matches that contribution up to a maximum of $50,000. The Motorcoach Council, a philanthropic, not-for-profit, public interest organization, works to create public awareness, shift perception of motorcoach travel, and change consumer preferences.

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