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Dear valued Prevost Customer,

Prevost is proud to announce its Factory training schedule with new dates and locations for 2013.  Our traditional Factory Training event will be held in Quebec City February 24th to 28th.

Prevost is responding to our customers' needs and economic realities by also offering the following four-day seminars at our Service Centers located in the United StatesWe have taken this step in order to reduce the costs associated with a trip to Canada and to simply make it more convenient for our customers to attend.

  • Quebec City / Sunday January 24th to Thursday Thursday the 28th
  • Prevost Branch Fort Worth / Monday April 8th to Thursday the 11th
  • Prevost Branch Nashville / Monday May 20th to Thursday the 23rd
  • Prevost Branch Mira Loma / Monday September 9th to Thursday the 12th
  • Prevost Branch Mira Loma / Monday September 16th to Thursday the 19th
  • Prevost Branch South Plainfield / Monday October 7th to Thursday the 10th
  • Prevost Branch Jacksonville / Monday November 18th to Thursday the 21st

What subjects will be taught?

The seminars will cover the Prevost H and X series of coaches.  This seminar will have information for charter/tour and shell applications.  See below events available at locations.

Courses Available (Choose 4 days total)

Quebec City

Fort Worth


Mira Loma

Mira Loma

South Plainfield



24 to 28

8 to 11

20 to 23

9 to 12

16 to 19

7 to 10

18 to 21

Electrical Systems (2 day) X X X     X X
HVAC Systems (2 day) X X X X X   X

EPA 2010 Drive Train (2 day)

X   X X X    

Volvo 9700 (2 day)

US Only X X X X X X
Pneumatic (1 day) X   X        
Safety Systems (1 day) X   X        
Bus Shell & Safety (1 day) X   X        
Brake & Wheel End (1 day) X            

What do I do to sign up?

You should note, the courses are single as well as multi-day.  Therefore, when you sign up, you must choose a combination of courses that totals but does not exceed four days.  You can download the registration form and fax it to Sylvain St-Amant at (418) 883-4860, or use the online registration form below.

Am I guaranteed to get the courses I register for?

Prevost will make every effort to ensure you get the courses requested.  In the past, we have had to make some minor adjustments for those signing up late.  This is again a reason to register early!  The classes will be limited to 10 participants (2 Students max per customer) and therefore it is important that you register ASAPPrevost reserves the right to cancel some of the classes and adjust class sizes/assignments to match attendance figures and demand.

Will there still be separate converter seminars?

No.  We are integrating the converter information into the seminars mentioned in this letter.

The following is an overview of the propsed agenda for the weeks.
Note: Quebec City training starts Sunday February 24th at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday, training on the subjects below. Friday Return home.

You choose your own subjects.  We have broken the subjects into 8 different courses; please select the subjects that you would be interested in according to your level of knowledge.

Course Descriptions

Course #1: Prevost Electrical 2 days
   Electrical Schematic reading, 12 and 24 volt power distribution & charging system. Prevost Multiplex, on board diagnostics, system troubleshooting, schematic familiarization & troubleshooting.  
Course #2: HVAC Systems 2 days
  Component Identification; HVAC Controls; Troubleshooting & System Diagnosis.  
Course #3: 2010 Drive Train 2 days
  SAE Communication / Volvo D13 design & function / PTT Diagnostics / Engine Tune-up / Allison Diagnostics.  
Course #4: Volvo 9700 (U.S. only) 2 days
  Introduction to the Volvo platform / PTT and guided diagnostics / Description design and function of the following systems / Volvo bus electrical architecture / ECS / EBS / Climate control operation  
Course #5: Pneumatic Systems 1 day
  Kneeler / Entrance door / High buoy low buoy  
Course #6: Safety Systems 1 day
  TPMS (Tire monitoring system) / AFSS (Fire suppression system) / ABS, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ACB (Adaptive Cruise Braking).  
Course #7: Shell Converters 1 day
  TPMS (Tire monitoring system) / AFSS (Fire suppression system) / Slide-out / Level Low  
Course #8: Axle & Brake (Quebec only) 1 day
  Knorr Caliper, Unitized bearing, Wheel seal.  

Please select at least two courses among those listed above; the total amount of days allowed is 4 and should not be exceeded.

What is the registration deadline?

The deadline for submitting your registration will be 1 week before each of the training dates.

Hotel and Transportation: will be included in your confirmation letter.
Confirmation letters will be sent out after receiving your registration by fax or e-mail.

Can anyone attend the seminars and when should I be there?

The training is provided for Prevost commercial technicians only...again you must register early! You should also be aware of the following information due to increasing restrictions and security regulations.

You will need to arrive in Quebec City on Saturday, February 23, 2013 in order to be present for the Sunday morning activities. Plan your departure no earlier than Friday morning, March 1. You can fly in and out of the Jean-Lesage Airport in Quebec City.

Do I need a Passport to enter Canada?

YES! Everyone will need a passport to enter Canada. Same applies to those returning back to the U.S. from Air, Land or Sea. For application information and further details, visit the website We suggest that if you are thinking about attending the training that you apply for your Passport as soon as possible as there will be a higher number of applicants as year end approaches.
Also, it has come to our attention that you could be denied entry into Canada if:
You have: a trial under way; a warrant for your arrest; a previous conviction(s); charges pending against you or an officer has credible information that you committed an offence outside Canada
For further information on Criminal Inadmissibility, please visit the website

If you have any questions, please contact your Prevost Regional Service Manager.

Thanks for your time,
Yours Truly,
Maurice Gagne.