Prevost H3-45 VIP - The Ultimate in Excellence

Traveling and living in a Prevost® is luxuriously comfortable because your Prevost motorhome is designed and built to perfectly suit your needs and desires. Everything is meticulously planned and executed, like generous space, isolation from exterior noise, optimal light and temperature control, plenty of storage and cargo space, and a strong, level platform. All this and more is built into the sleek and modern Prevost H3-45 VIP™.


  • Tallest bus shell
  • Exceptional interior height
  • Most floor space for custom conversion
  • Large window area allows more natural light
  • 497 cubic feet of under-floor space for equipment, amenities and storage
  • Multiple choices in floorplan options
  • Outer shell: precision-molded fiber composite for maximum strength, reduced weight and full paintability
  • Flat floor for unobstructed conversion