Safety: The Cornerstone of Everything we Do.

Prevost’s commitment to product safety and security is a natural extension of our passion for the structural strength and integrity of our conversion coaches.  For us, safety has two distinct and equally important dimensions:  Passive and Dynamic.

Passive Safety comprises the motorcoach systems and features that help protect occupants in the event of an accident.

Dynamic Safety comprises the motorcoach systems and features that help Prevost drivers avoid accidents.

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Prevost AWARE

New Prevost Aware Adaptive Cruise Braking
When cruise control is on, AWARE automatically adjusts the cruise speed of the coach to maintain a safe following distance, taking into consideration the position of the vehicle ahead. The system automatically returns the coach to the original cruise speed when it is safe to do so. AWARE will decrease speed to maintain adequate distance, and if the system senses that this intervention will not be sufficient, it will activate the Impact Alert to tell the driver to apply full braking.

Impact Alert
This feature will alert the driver if the distance between the coach and the vehicle ahead closes too quickly, giving the driver an opportunity to take action. Impact Alert is always active and protecting the coach (in cruise or not).

Following Distance Alert
Reminds the driver to keep a safe following distance by indicating when the coach is following too closely to the vehicle ahead.

Safety Systems

Prevost patented Beam and Integral Structure
Prevost ingenuity and commitment to optimize its slide-out design led to the development of a unique patented feature:  the Prevost Beam. Not only did we achieve the installation of a slide-out, but we did it without sacrificing luggage space or structural rigidity – proof of our superior capabilities in design and R&D. The integrated chassis and the Prevost Beam construction provide a holistic structure that is remarkably strong and durable. Not only does this innovative design contribute to the passive safety qualities of the motorcoach, but the inherent torsional rigidity enables levels of handling precision and vehicle responsiveness that enhance active safety as well.

The Prevost Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Automatically connects the driver’s intentions with actual vehicle movement hundreds of times per second. ESP continuously monitors wheel speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration, and yaw, and can apply each wheel’s brakes instantaneously to help maintain vehicle control and reduce the risk of rollover when needed.  This innovative safety advance also helps improve stability in the event of evasive maneuvers, sudden lane changes, or obstacle avoidance.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Auxiliary Braking System
The ABS Braking System is sized and calibrated to provide the safest, shortest stopping distance across a wide range of road and weather conditions regardless of the coach’s speed.  The Volvo Engine Brake or the Allison® transmission retarder allow our customers to choose the auxiliary braking system best adapted to their preferences.



Prevost’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System helps ensure optimal vehicle capabilities by providing continuous real-time measurement.  Extensive road testing and validation were conducted by the Prevost product development team to find the most reliable system on the market.  Only the top-of-the-line Beru system was judged reliable enough to meet our design criteria.  The system samples tire temperature and pressure to detect inner drive-tire failures that can be missed during visual inspections. It also improves fuel economy by helping operators keep their tires at optimal pressures.  An easy-to-read integrated dashboard display makes the system extremely easy to use.

The Prevost Fire Detection and Suppression system is the most comprehensive design currently available.  It is comprised of a linear thermal detector and an optical infrared sensor to enhance passenger safety by protecting the engine compartment and the auxiliary heater.  In addition, the system provides both visual and auditory warnings to the driver in the event of an incident.

Controls are displayed so that drivers can constantly keep their eyes on the road.  Our steering wheel controls were developed with safety in mind, including windshield blinds and auxiliary braking controls to help drivers quickly respond to changes in driving conditions while always keeping their eyes on the road. Shared controls are located on the right side of the dash, minimizing distraction to the driver.